Sound Bird Repeller Solves the Problem of Smart Grid

As an important infrastructure of the smart grid, transmission lines and towers are as important as the blood in our human body. Its health and stability directly influence the safe operation of the power grid and influence the construction of smart grids in China.

However, overhead transmission lines are exposed to nature all the year round. In addition to being influenced by severe weather such as storms, ice rains and hot sun, they are often threatened by external forces such as animals, especially in recent years along with the rise in birds spieces, more and more of them inhabit and build nests on high-voltage line towers and have other irregular activities, often causing faults like short-circuit to the line, which will bring great harm to the safe operation of the transmission line. Therefore, how to prevent bird damaging trips and make the birds no longer threaten line security has become the topic rushing to be dealt with by the relevant electric power department.

Based on the characteristics of power grid structure, UHV transmission technology, intelligent control technology, information network technology and bird living habits, our company has launched an electric sound bird repeller, which is a bird-proof device designed mainly aiming at solving the problem of a frequent bird appearing in farmland, marshes and forests. This sound bird repeller uses radar detection technology, ultrasonic waves, strong light waves and other techniques to scare the birds, so that the birds do not dare to approach, and the driving away an effect can be achieved without harming the birds, which can protect the natural ecological balance in the end.

In addition, the sound bird repeller effectively avoids the problems of traditional bird spurs and windmill-type bird repellers such as easily aging, serious natural damage, and unfunctional without wind, adding "protective clothing" to the line at any time, effectively reducing the chance of line trips. It can eliminate the hidden dangers of line safety, and provide technical support for the construction of harmonious, efficient, reliable and green smart grid at the same time and defuse the current
the contradiction of power consumption.
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