Sonic Dog Repellent

Introduction of sonic dog repellent

The working principle of this sonic dog repellent device: using ultrasound to drive cats and dogs in a humane way, keeping dogs and cats away from the users. The effective range is 8 to 12 meters.

Product Description: According to biologists, the range of sound frequencies that dogs can hear is from 67 Hz to 30 kHz. Sonic dog repellent is a product right based on this principle. It produces high-frequency decibel sounds that are inaudible to the human ear but very uncomfortable to the dog, so normal dogs (except for dogs with hard hearing or deafness) will escape when they hear it from afar. This product is harmless to people and animals, because it bases on audio principle rather than radio frequency principle, so as long as your ears cannot hear, there is no harm to say. But when using this product, avoid approaching infants and horses under one year old, because infants can hear sounds that is about 10 kHz higher than normal adults, and horses can hear sounds that are similar to the frequency range of dogs can hear.

Sonic dog repellent is suitable for postmen, salesmen, police, students, women and can be used at night.

It is easy to operate, point the sonic horn at an approaching animal to make sure that they know where the uncomfortable sound comes from, and continuously switch button for about 2~3 seconds. Because the output of the sound wave at the same angle will decline, so the sonic dog repellent will change to continuously point to the approaching animals, and the effect will get better.

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