Solar Powered Snake Repellent

1. Principle
1). Use solar energy to charge and discharge.
2). According to the scientific research, animals are very sensitive to vibration and they can sense any tiny vibration. So this product is based on the principle of vibration wave emission, the use of simulated stimulation of the central nervous system of snakes and rats sound and vibration in the underground transmission, causing a sense of discomfort and panic so that they do not want to get close and hence escape the scene.

2. The scope of use
Wide grassland, parks and other open spaces, the effective range is about 300 square meters, the closer animals are, the better the effect will be.

3. Product description
1). Built-in special devices, through the transmission of sound and vibration waves, the snake and rats feel uncomfortable, so that they will get far away from the scene, and the purpose of driving away thus be achieved;
2). Use solar panels to supply power, and built-in high environmental protection rechargeable batteries, which can store enough power.
3). This product is easy to install, causing no radiation and damage to the human body, and can be used safely.

This product is rainproof outside but not rainproof inside. Please do not install it in low-lying areas.
If the rainwater is too high, please remove the product until the rainwater recedes.
Charging method: solar energy charge, turn on the switch, insert any places with sunlight and it will charge automatically.

Features of solar powered snake repellent:

1)Without wiring, it can be put anywhere you want.
2)Using environmental protection material, there will be no pollution.
3)Without electricity, sunshine helps pay electricity bills.
4)No electric shock, no radiation, so there is no harm to the human body.
5)Simple installation, it can be used immediately after being plugged in.

Scope of use: hotels, villas, parks, farms, rice fields, farms, and other places.

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