Solar Powered Mosquito Killer

Solar powered mosquito killer has been approved by the state as a utility model patent product. The product adopts solar power (amorphous silicon) production technology and new solar cell technology to convert solar energy into energy storage and utilization. The product combines photo taxis of pests with traditional light trapping. It receives solar energy during the day and automatically turns off the lights. At night, it intelligently and electronically controls the ultraviolet light source to turn on the solar power lamp. It produces photovoltaic effect, traps and kills the female pests to prevent the propagation of pests. It has the advantages of greatly reducing the use of pesticides, replacing conventional electricity and saving energy. It is the most ideal physical insecticide killing method.

The main characteristics of solar powered mosquito killer are:

1. The trap range is large and the service life is long. A field of 5-7 mu can be used for 5-7 years.
2. Pest killing effect is good, and killing efficiency is high.
3. The use of a wide range of types of action. It is suitable for all kinds of agricultural and forestry crops, grain fields, cotton fields, vegetable fields, trees, flowers, and orchards.
4. Achieve pollution-free and reduce burdens for the people.
5. Save energy and safety.
6. Reliable quality, convenient installation, economical and inexpensive.

The device is stable in performance, reliable in quality, reasonable in structure, strong in wind resistance (anti-typhoon up to 8-9 class); the angle can be adjusted at any time, so it is easy to use. Its appearance is beautiful and generous, and it can also form the highlight of agricultural sightseeing tour.

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