Several Ways to Chase Cats

As we all know, cats have a strong ability to move. There are no obstacles to stop them when they climb over the wall and climb trees or drill holes to go to the house. Cats have a strong sense of territory and self-protection. Their nature makes them bewilling to "go to the toilet" in a safe place. And cats have a good sense of smell and memory, so they will excrete in the same "selected" place at a fixed time day after day.

Because the cat is a carnivore, the excrement give off an unbearable stench. In summer, if you or a child step on it, it will be disgusting all day. Although the yard has the cat's excrement, the mouse will be far away from your house, but there are not mouse every day. However, the cat excrement is piled on the grassland every day. Even if there is no insect attack or human trampling on it by mistake, because of the "too high concentration of fertilizer", the surrounding plants will quickly wither and die.

If your garden has been selected as a fixed excretion site by the cat of the next door, don't worry. Here are a few tips to get rid of this trouble.

You should often cut grass of the garden in summer, and gather the grass cut from the lawn into a garbage bag, and then use a rake to tidy up the short grass. When the cats find that the natural "shelter" is gone, they usually go to a more hidden place and will not come back.

The cats don't like the feeling that their paws are limited by small squares. If there are small plastic squares on the grass, they won't come here. But it's not good if your grassland is large, because it's expensive to lay a large area of lawn mat.

The Odor Repellant, that is, odorant expulsion spray, is specially used to deal with cats, which have their own dislike flavor. They only need to be easily sprayed on grass, corner and flowers. The smell of cat is sensitive, and they will pass around. The drawback is that the large area spray is also very expensive, and the next few rain will makes it  be filled again.

Litter the grass with orange peel on the ground. Don't throw the skins of lemon, orange, orange, grapefruit and so on after eating. Just throw them on the grass in pieces. The cat doesn't like the taste of citrus fruit. They can't pull out the poop when smelling this taste.

Ash and coffee grounds also have strong pungent smell, which cats don't like. However, this method is not recommended because ash and coffee grounds can also damage the grass itself and kill the grass.

Purchase ultrasonic cat repeller. This thing is a physical expulsion of cats that has only become popular in recent years. It consists of sensor, ultrasonic generator and bracket. Insert it in the garden and turn on the switch. If something runs past the sensor, the ultrasonic generator will send out ultrasonic waves that can't be heard by human beings, but can be heard and can't be tolerated by both cats and mice, and drive them away. Each ultrasonic cat repeller can cover a certain range of grassland, and a smaller grassland can be placed on two corners. The advantage of the ultrasonic cat repeller is that it can be used for a long time after changing the battery, and the cat and mouse can be driven away.

If you need ultrasonic cat driver, welcome to Aosion!

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