Principle of Ultrasonic Battery Mosquito Repeller

Male mosquitoes do not suck blood, only suck plant juice and nectar. Female mosquitoes can absorb plant juice to keep themselves alive, but only after sucking the blood of humans or animals, can the ovaries develop and breed. Mature female mosquitoes can easily suck the blood of humans or animals. Usually, they can lay eggs once every two days. Therefore, each mosquito can lay eggs 3-7 times in a lifetime, and there are also mosquitoes that spawn as little as one to more than ten times, ranging from tens to hundreds of eggs.

Studies have shown that female mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects can be attracted by interspecies pheromones, which are usually metabolites released from the surface of mammals, but these metabolites are close-range interspecies pheromones. However, when they are combined with carbon dioxide, they become long-distance interspecies pheromones, greatly enhancing the attraction to blood-sucking insects such as female mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes look for prey based on carbon dioxide, moisture, and chemical odor emitted by mammals. They distinguish carbon dioxide and other chemicals secreted by humans and mammals through sensory cones of various lengths in the antennae of the head. For example, carbon dioxide is perceived by long sensory cones, and lactic acid is perceived by short sensory cones. Because humans and mammals breathe with water vapor and form a warm and turbulent convective air layer around the body surface, mosquitoes fly to the human body to suck blood according to this.

So only the female mosquito will bite. During the spawning period, the female mosquito needs to suck the blood of humans or animals to supplement its nutrients. During this period, the male mosquitoes are extremely disliked. The battery mosquito repeller utilizes this habit to add the sound of the male mosquito into the ultrasonic wave at a frequency of 5000-9000 Hz, which can achieve the purpose of expelling the female mosquito. It can also mimic the frequency of mosquitoes' natural enemies, the cockroaches. This technique was first used on the battlefield and improved after a series of innovations. By radiating ultrasound and audio, it imitates the sound and frequency of the cockroaches that can kill most mosquitoes, achieving the mosquito repellent effect. It is safe, non-toxic and non-radiative. It is completely harmless to humans and animals. It has no chemical residues. It is an ideal companion for outings, travel, fishing, barbecue, camping, enjoying the cold, guarding and home life. It is environmentally safe and will not be harmful to the human body.

Ultrasonic battery mosquito repeller use high-tech means to produce a very special ultra-low frequency electromagnetic wave. Through the transmission of its own transmitting components and power lines, it can effectively stimulate the nervous system and auditory system of pests such as cockroaches within its jurisdiction, causing them to feel uncomfortable and flee.

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