Principle of Gopher Repeller

There are two kinds of gopher repeller: one is ultrasonic, that the human ear cannot hear the sound, and the other is imitating the sound of gophers screaming to frighten the gophers. The principle of ultrasound is that when common speaker plays human audible sound, its frequency response range is 50HZ to 20KHZ; When ultrasound speaker plays ultrasound, its frequency response range is 20KHZ to 65KHZ. Rats, bats and other animals communicate with ultrasonic. The auditory system of rats is very developed, and they are very sensitive to ultrasonic. They can judge the source of sound in the dark. Young rats can send out 30 to 50 kHz ultrasound when threatened, and they can reliably send out ultrasonic and echoes when they do not open their eyes. Adult rats in crisis can send out an ultrasound call for help. While mating, they can also send out ultrasound to express happiness. We can say that ultrasound is the language of rats. The auditory system of gopher is in 200 Hz to 90000 Hz.

Sonic Gopher repeller is a device that can produce 20 kHz to 55 kHz ultrasound by using professional electronic technology and many years of scientific research on gophers. The ultrasound generated by this device can effectively stimulate and cause rodents to feel threatened and uncomfortable. This technology comes from the advanced concept of pest control in Europe and America. The purpose of using this technology is to create a "gopher-free, pest-free and high-quality space", creating an environment where pests and rats cannot survive and force them to migrate automatically. Being unable to reproduce and grow in the control area, gophers will be eradicated.

Principle of sound repeller: Some gopher repellers can simulate the calls of bats, thus playing the role of rat repelling. Some gopher repellers can simulate the calls of cats, thus playing the role of rat repelling.

Some gopher repellents produce very low frequency electromagnetic wave, ultrasonic wave and bionic wave frequencies alternately at the same time. The triple frequencies affect the auditory system and nervous system of pests such as rats, and make them escape from the scene. Even if rats and other pests do not escape for a while, the repeller will make them panic, fear, lose appetite, reproductive capacity and invasive capacity, so as to achieve physical driving effect.

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