Precautions of Electronic Pest Repeller

The electronic pest repeller is an electronic technology product newly developed by the family's harmful animal and insect ecologic institute using natural principles. Scientific research has found that ultrasound and electromagnetic waves can drive the mice and pests in the general family from the hidden place. This product will not affect any home appliances, nor will it harm the human body and your pets, because we simply can't feel it. But we need to pay attention to some issues when using electronic pest repeller.

1. Since the variable frequency pulse electromagnetic wave is emitted to the surrounding area along the power cord of the socket, it is recommended that the user have a long power cord in the room to ensure the using effect.
2. Since the ultrasonic wave is traveling in a straight line, it will reflect when it hits the object, just because of the reflection it can make the ultrasonic wave fill the entire room. However, if there are materials in the room that are inclined to absorb ultrasonic, such as carpets, sofas, and curtains, the performance of the ultrasound will be degraded. Ultrasound can't pass through walls and doors and windows. If there are multiple rooms, and if there are high obstacles between the rooms or a single area is recommended to install another pest repeller to ensure the effect.
3. in order to ensure the effect of pest repelling, the ultrasonic launch port should be towards the open area of the room as far as possible, and avoid obstacles blocking within one meter ahead. Under some special circumstance it can be hung up high for use.
4. Please try not to let the doors and windows of the protected area open to prevent the pests from wandering around without being affected enough to ensure the using effect.

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