Powerful Ultrasonic Dog Repeller

1. Working principle:
The dog's bark will trigger the dog repeller to automatically generate ultrasound, and the ultrasonic waves can correct the dog's behavior. Preventing dogs from barking annoyingly, the stimulation of the ultrasonic wave can form the dog a conditioned reflex that "the bark will make itself uncomfortable" to achieve the purpose of stopping its barking. It is a safe and effective method to stop dog barking in the current market.
After the powerful ultrasonic dog repeller is turned on, the dog's bark is automatically collected. Once the dog bark is found, it will automatically emit ultrasound. When the environment becomes quiet, he stays on standby and detects bark from time to time. No manual operation is required. And it is suitable for all breeds of dogs.

2. the requirements on using environment:
The ultrasonic dog repeller is used indoors and is only suitable for cases where there is only one dog. It should be placed away from the sound source transmitter equipment such as TV sets, speakers, and doorbells.

3. How to use:
The product is powered by a 9-volt battery and is safer and more convenient than the built-in lithium battery. It is recommended to use the low gear for the first time.

4. Precautions:
Only for a quiet indoor environment where only one dog is present, the dog is aged between 6 months and 8 years old and with a healthy body and normal hearing. It is not suitable for use on an aggressive dog with irritable and offensive character.
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