PIR Sensor Birds Repeller

1. The principle of this product
This product uses a PIR sensing principle. When animals enter the sensing area, it will automatically play the sound of birds to drive away birds and animals. (Animals that can be expelled include birds, dove, wild boars, cats, dogs, and rats.)

2. The scope of use:
PIR sensor birds repeller is suitable for gardens, farms, orchards, etc.

3. Usage method
1). Put four batteries into the aluminum tube.
2). Connect the connecting line.
3). Connect the upper part of the product.
4). Turn on the machine, insert the product into the ground with about 2/3 of the length of the aluminum tube. The product should be put in the middle of the site that is in the need to repel birds as far as possible because the product is issued by the sound wave which is spread around to achieve the purpose of repelling.

4. Notes:
1). PIR sensor birds repeller is only suitable indoors; if it is used outdoors (except indoor gardens, orchards, farms), the effect of repelling will not be so good.
2). This product needs long-term use to ensure continuous effect.
3). Remember to replace the batteries regularly.
4). Children can use the products only in adult guardianship.

5. Product features
1). The sound wave produced by this product has a strong repellent effect. It is non-toxic and tasteless and has no effect on people.
2). This product is aimed at the bird's perception system and nervous system, using physical methods to drive them away. It is both environmentally friendly, safe and effective. It can effectively avoid the pollution to the environment after the use of drugs and avoid the harm to the human body.
3). The product is fully tested by computers before leaving the factory, avoiding the error of personnel detection.
4). The product is stable and effective, and it only needs continuous use for 5-7 days to drive birds away.

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