PIR Animal Repeller

Explanation of PIR animal repeller: 1. strong ultrasonic signals frighten animals. To frighten the animals in the area of unpleasant ultrasonic sounds for them. When the animals enter the area, the voice is activated. Therefore, animals cannot get accustomed to the sound, and the effect of repulsion will be stronger.

Effective distance: the maximum distance is 8M (depending on the weather and environment) Angle of detection: 110 degrees (depending on the weather around)

It uses the principle of infrared detection to detect small animals while sending out an ultrasound to drive small animals. It can help you stay away from annoying stray dogs, cats and other small animals to protect your property, your garden and your yard. Being portable, it can be installed anywhere in your home, garden, or yard. The product can be powered by low-voltage batteries. It just drives animals away by sending out a 25 kHz ultrasound rather than any chemicals. Therefore, it will not cause any harm to the human body.

1) Loudspeaker: This product can emit animals at high frequencies.
2) PIR Moving Detector: This is an infrared transducer that continuously outputs signals. When a moving animal is detected, it automatically emits sound waves to drive the animal away and the LED indicator lights turn on.
3) LED indicator light

Principle of operation: PIR animal repeller combines infrared, ultrasound, sound and flashing lights to drive away unwelcome animals. When a dog or cat moves in a fan-shaped area at an angle of 100 degrees and 10 meters in front of the device, it is immediately triggered to emit a powerful, piercing 8 to 10 seconds of ultrasound (inaudible to humans), which the animals can't stand. They will run away immediately. It is very suitable for hotels, restaurants, gardens, garages and other places.

Usage method: Insert the power plug in the right power hole, and the green power indicator light and the red light ultrasonic emission indicator light will be on. Then the red light will be on and off, in 3-4 minutes the circuit is stable and it gets into the standby state, only the green light is on and the red light is not when the person leaves the scene. When a dog or cat enters the control range, 135 dB of ultrasound will be emitted, and the animal flees and resumes standby. In the installation location, if there is a frequent movement of personnel during the day, it will cause frequent machine start-up. Therefore, it is best to unplug the power supply, so as not to reduce service life.

1. Do not install in the places where is damp, rainy, sunlight and easy to get in.
2. Do not install upside down or horizontally, so as not to affect sensitivity and reliability.
3. Ears should be kept far away from the transmitter so as to avoid any discomfort.

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