Origin, Classification and Development Prospect of Bird Repeller With PIR

Origin of Bird Repeller with PIR

In a broad sense, all the means to prevent harmful birds from invading their territory, such as farms, orchards, wind power plants and military and civil airports, so as to endanger their labor achievements or equipment safety are called bird repelling. In a narrow sense, bird repelling refers to all measures taken by military and civil airports to prevent bird invasion in key flight areas of the airport, especially the runway or taxiway where the aircraft takes off and lands, in order to protect the safety of aircraft taking off and landing, to prevent birds from being sucked into the aircraft engine when the aircraft takes off and lands at high speed, or to hit all aircraft bodies such as the aircraft body, landing gear, tail, windshield, hearing threat, visual shock, direct killing, chemical, ecological or radar warning and so on.

Classification of the Bird Repeller with PIR

1. Wind reflective bird repeller with pir: adopt rotating and reflective bird repellent measures to reflect the sunlight to make the birds frightened and escape.

2. Bird repelling sting: use the sting to cover the place where bird prevention is needed, so that the bird can't stay here. If it's spring-loaded bird prevention sting, the sting collides with each other to produce soundunder the condition of wind, which makes the bird frightened and afraid to approach.

3. Voice ultrasonic bird repeller: use sound wave sound effect to send out simulated natural enemies, similar warnings and whine.

4. Full intelligent bird repeller: it provides real-time activity level and accurate location of harmful birds in and around the airport for the airport bird control office staff. It is like a pair of electronic telescopes in the airport, which can continuously and further detect the situation of birds in all directions.

Development Prospect of Bird Repeller with PIR

With the development of bird repellent technology, new bird repellent equipments are emerging. The past hunting and killing methods were not used, and bird repellent gradually moved towards ecology and green bird repellent. The high-tech elements are constantly reflected in the new bird driving equipment, which reflects the enhancement of people's ecological awareness and the improvement of scientific and technological strength worldwide. It is urgent to solve the problems of adaptability, small range, short effective time, high cost and no targeted blind bird driving. Solving thses problems is the direction and prospect of bird driving in the future.

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