Is the LED Light Mosquito Killer Good?

1. Compared with the traditional mosquito repellent incense and electric mosquito swatter, the LED light mosquito killer is both environmentally friendly and practical. LED light mosquito killer attracts mosquitoes by photocatalytic carbon dioxide and kills mosquitoes instantaneously through a high-voltage network. Mosquito killing does not require any chemical mosquito killing equipment. LED light mosquito killer is the new generation of efficient and environmental mosquito killing tools with the absorption of foreign advanced technology and a number of technical improvements.

2. LED light mosquito killer is not only advanced in principle but also unique in mosquito killing. It is equipped with anti-mosquito escape device and the power-cut can automatically shut down so that mosquitoes can no longer come out until natural dehydration death. In addition, LED light mosquito killer fluorescent in the air, any mosquitoes flying from all direction can be attracted. The killing rate is high, the scope is large, and mosquito-killing area can generally reach more than 100 square meters.

3. LED light mosquito killer is also divided into three kinds: stick trap LED mosquito killer, electric shock LED mosquito killer, and airflow LED mosquito killer. The effect of these three kinds of LED light mosquito killers is slightly different. The electric shock LED mosquito killer uses the high-efficiency mosquito-trapping lamp tube and can kill mosquitoes instantly by electrostatic shock. The airflow LED mosquito killer uses the air stream to suck mosquitoes in and can kill mosquitoes directly. Unlike the traditional mosquito-repelling tablets and mosquito-repellents repellents, it has great mosquito killing effect.

Electric shock LED mosquito killer
Electric shock LED mosquito killer is made of the principle that mosquitoes are attracted to fly into LED mosquito killer and electrocuted to death by high-voltage grid by using the light source emitted by an ultraviolet fluorescent lamp with strong phototactic and thermal characteristics of mosquitoes. The DC high voltage on the high-voltage power grid is usually 800-1500V, and the short-circuit current is less than 1 mm, so it is not dangerous to people. At the same time, the ultraviolet light emitted by the LED mosquito killer can be used as a gentle light at night, and the power consumption of the general household LED mosquito killer is 2-8W. Therefore, the LED mosquito killer is a household electrical appliance that is easy to use, energy saving, non-toxic, tasteless and needs no drugs to kill a mosquito.

Sticky trap LED mosquito killer
The sticky trap LED mosquito killer overturns the traditional structure of the high voltage current inverter of the electric trap lamp. It uses unique ultraviolet light and non-toxic adhesive to trap flying insects. It is an environmental mosquito killer and meets the requirements of key insect pest control in QS, HACCP, AIB, SSOP, GMP and other safety management systems.

Airflow LED mosquito killer
Airflow LED mosquito killer looks similar to the general electric fan from the outside, its volume is smaller than the electric fan and it has a lamp tube and electric heating wire inside. Airflow mosquito killer can be connected to the power supply, without any auxiliary conditions or any chemical substances, mainly according to the principle of wind dynamics to kill mosquitoes, and the resulting airflow makes the indoor air fresh. The airflow LED mosquito killer automatically attracts mosquitoes to death on the grid according to the principle of wind mechanics. There are no open flame or electric current. The creative purification of circulating air function can enhance our memory can refresh the mind.

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