Introduction to Portable Sonic Mosquito Repellent

A portable sonic mosquito repellent is a machine that mimics the frequency of mosquitoes' natural enemies or male mosquitoes to achieve the effect of driving female mosquitoes. It is completely harmless to humans and animals, without any chemical residues, and is an environmentally friendly mosquito repellent product.

How portable sonic mosquito repellent works

1. According to long-term research by zoologists, maternal mosquitoes need to be supplemented with nutrients within one week after mating in order to successfully ovulate. This means that the female mosquito will only suck blood when it is pregnant. During this period, the female mosquito can no longer mate with the male mosquito, otherwise it will affect the production, and even it will be life-threatening. At this time, the female mosquito will try to avoid the male mosquito. Some ultrasonic mosquito repellents simulate the sound waves of various male mosquito wings. When the blood-sucking female mosquito hears the above-mentioned sound waves, it will immediately escape, thus achieving the effect of repelling mosquitoes. According to this principle, the portable sonic mosquito repellent adopts this feature to design an electronic frequency conversion circuit, so that the mosquito repellent can generate ultrasonic waves similar to a male mosquito flapping its wings to achieve the purpose of driving the female mosquitoes.

2. Cockroaches are the natural enemies of mosquitoes. Some products mimic the sound of swaying wings to achieve the purpose of driving away all kinds of mosquitoes.

3. Mosquito repellent software is to simulate the ultrasonic wave of the bat, because the bat is a natural enemy of mosquitoes. It is generally believed that mosquitoes can recognize and avoid the ultrasound emitted by bats.

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