Introduction of Plug In Mosquito Lamp

Plug in mosquito lamp is a mosquito-killing device that does not require any chemical anti-mosquito substances. It is a new generation of highly efficient and environmentally-friendly mosquito-killing devices. Develop an environmentally friendly and pollution-free efficient killing tool which is also known as an anti-mosquito black lamp by using the habits of mosquitoes such as phototaxis, movement with airflow, sensitivity to temperature, and joyful clustering, especially the pursuit of carbon dioxide gas and sexual pheromone. The mosquito lamp can be divided into three types: electronic mosquito lamp, stick-trap mosquito lamp, and airflow mosquito lamp. The mosquito lamp has the characteristics of simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small volume, and low power consumption. Because it does not require any chemical anti-mosquito substances when used, it is a relatively environmentally friendly way of killing mosquitoes.

First, the principle of mosquito-killing

The carbon dioxide exhaled by humans is scientifically proven to be a substance that attracts mosquitoes. Photocatalyst mosquito killer, which can produce the light, heat, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and flowing air that mosquitoes like when working, simulates human breathing to attract mosquitoes from your side, making them fall into the mosquito whirl and be dried by dehydration. Photocatalyst can also purify the air and disinfect it.

Second, the scope of application

They are widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants, student dormitories, hospitals, cafes, bars, theaters, office spaces, canteens, kitchens, farms, food processing plants, factories, and other indoor and outdoor venues.

Third, the method of use

1. When selecting the product, it is necessary to select the right number of anti-mosquito lamps whose power is appropriate according to the density of the specific pest and the area of the site to achieve the desired killing effect.

2. Before use, check whether the voltage and frequency are consistent with the product, and use the power socket that matches the product. The ground wire of the socket must be well grounded, then connect the lamp to the power supply, turn on the power switch. When the purple light in the tube is seen, the killing work begins.

3. When a mosquito lamp is working, it is a normal phenomenon that a flying insect such as a mosquito or a fly will make a "click" when it hits the net.

4. After being used for a period of time, when the base below the luminaire is stacked with many mosquitoes and debris, it should be cleaned up in time. When cleaning, you must first cut off the power supply, next, take the insulated part of the screwdriver, use the metal rod of the screwdriver to disconnect and discharge the two network cables between the power grids. Then, press the outer net with two thumbs, taken out the rear net. Finally, the chassis is taken out for cleaning.
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