Introduction of Pir Animal Repeller

1. The pir animal repeller adopts an infrared pyroelectric sensor. The sensitivity of the sensor to the animal is related to the direction of motion, is insensitive to radial motion, and is most sensitive to cross-cut motion. This means that if the animal is stationary or is approaching the product in a straight line, without cross-cutting, the infrared will not be sensed and the product will not work for the animal.

2. The pir animal repeller uses infrared detection to detect small animals while emitting ultrasonic waves to drive them. It can help you stay away from the harassment of nasty stray dogs, stray cats, and other small animals, thereby protecting your property, your garden, and your courtyard.

Because it is a portable design product, it can be installed in your home, garden, or anywhere in the courtyard. This product can be used with low-voltage power supply and battery. This product only drives animals without any chemicals. It emits ultrasonic frequency and drives them away. It will not cause any harm to the human body.

1) Speaker: this product can emit high frequency to drive away animals.

2) PIR motion detector: this is an infrared sensor that continuously outputs signals. When it senses that a moving animal is in the detection range, it will automatically emit sound wave frequency to drive the animals and the LED indicator will light up.

3) When the infrared sensor senses that the animal is far away, the LED indicator will automatically go out.

4) The product has been newly added with lighting strobe function, sound and frequency adjustment function, sensitivity adjustment function.
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