Introduction of Electronic Rat Mouse Killer

A new circuit protection function has been added, which can be grounded for a long time, and will not burn out the machine(the traditional mousetrap will burn the machine as long as it is grounded). It is the latest modern electronic rodent control tool. Can stun the mouse on the rodent line, and be no harm to people, animals, etc., it can also catch the rats alive. Widely used in warehouses, hotels, supermarkets, families, aquaculture, food factories, pastoral vegetable fields, etc. It has the characteristics of quick effect, large range of killing, convenient handling of dead rats, etc., and cats, rodents, rat clips, squirrel cages, It has its unique superiority compared with cat, rat medicine, rat clip, rat cage, sticky mouse glue,  It can work continuously for a long time, static power consumption is 8 watts, divided into six lines for output, with sound and light alarm and circuit display function, the effective killing distance is up to 1000 meters, is an efficient rodent control tools with wide range.

When using this electronic rat mouse killer, what we need to pay attention to is not to let the doors and windows open, otherwise, the mouse will easily escape. To let the mouth of this super-wave wave be towards a relatively spacious place as far as possible, and make sure there is no object blocking the launch port, otherwise, it will affect the efficiency of the mouse catching. It is relatively safe to use this electronic rat mouse killer since it is made by using high technology,.

The using method of electronic rat mouse killer
The wiring step of electronic rat mouse killer is the "most" complex process. Many newbies worry about getting the wrong line and burning the rodent. In fact, the principle of the electronic rat mouse killer is very simple.
To place it via a zero line and a fire line in the corner where rats love to be. When the mouse touches the fire line and the zero line at the same time, or the fire line and the wet floor at the same time, a current loop is formed, thereby killing the mouse. We can simply imagine the electronic rat mouse killer to be a "mini" transformer.

Important tips for using electronic rat mouse killer:
For those who use the electronic rat mouse killer, please note that because of the sparks might be generated while the mouse is shocked due to high-voltage rat mouse killer. For safety reasons, please keep away from the inflammable and explosive materials arrange the wire and take appropriate protective measures to prevent accidents from happening.

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