Introduction of Battery Operated Gopher Repeller

The working principle of the battery operated gopher repeller is as follows:

According to the conclusions of zoologists abroad and laboratories at home and abroad, mice are afraid of the frequency of 25-55KHZ. This product uses modern microelectronic technology to effectively stimulate the nervous system and auditory system of mice within the control area, so that it can produce discomfort and escape from the scene, so as to achieve the purpose of driving away all kinds of mice.

Functional characteristics of battery operated gopher repeller:

1. The battery operated gopher repeller does not need to use large batteries. The built-in solar photovoltaic panel absorbs light energy and converts it into electric energy storage for energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Efficient absorption and storage effect can work normally for 24 hours in rainy and rainy weather, which overcomes the shortcomings of solar energy.

3. There are waterproof rings at all interfaces, and the special designed shape also has waterproof function, which enhances the waterproof function.

4. Special vocal devices emit sound waves with a frequency of 400 HZ through battery electrification. Experiments show that this kind of sound wave can stimulate dental caries such as rodents, thus achieving the effect of repelling rodents.

5. The frequency of sound wave is every 30-45 seconds, lasting 3 seconds each time, which saves electricity.

6. The effective range is 625 m2.

7. No chemical pollution, pure physical principle.
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