Installation of Waterproof Vole Repeller

The installation requirements of waterproof vole repeller are as follows:

1. Waterproof ultrasonic vole repeller should be installed at 20-80 cm away from the ground, requiring vertical insertion of power socket on the ground.
2. When choosing the installation point, we should avoid carpet, curtain and other sound-absorbing materials as far as possible, in order to prevent the decrease of sound pressure from reducing the sound field and affecting the effect of insect repellent.
3. Waterproof vole repeller can be directly inserted into the city electrical outlet of 220V AC (voltage range: AC180V-250V, frequency: 50Hz-60Hz).
4. Pay attention to moisture proofing and water proofing.
5. Do not use strong solvents, water or wet cloth to clean the fuselage. Use dry and soft cloth to dip in some neutral detergent to clean the fuselage.
6. Do not drop the machine and avoid it being hit hard.
7. The use of ambient temperature: 0~40 degrees Celsius.
8. If placed in a warehouse or in a place where goods are stored or in a multi-storey building, several more machines should be put in order to increase the effect.

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