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  • 08,03,2020

    The ultrasound generated by the mousetrap can effectively stimulate and cause rats to feel threatened and uneasy.

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  • 02,03,2020

    The pir animal repeller adopts the principle of infrared detection, which can detect small animals and send out ultrasonic wave to drive them away.

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  • 25,02,2020

    Ultrasonic mouse repeller is a kind of device that can generate 20khz-55khz ultrasonic wave by using professional electronic technology design and years of scientific research on rats.

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  • 19,02,2020

    As we all know, cats have a strong ability to move. There are no obstacles to stop them when they climb over the wall and climb trees or drill holes to go to the house.

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  • 13,02,2020

    In addition to that the pigeons like to shit on other people's balconies, they are relatively mild animals in the general aspect. Pigeons only eat cereals every day, and occasionally worms.

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  • 07,02,2020

    Snakes live in shady, humid, overgrown environment with weeds, luxuriant trees, holes of dead trees or heaps of rocks, firewood stacks and grass, and some live in the water.

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