Indoor Mouse Killer

1. Product characteristics:
1). Indoor mouse killer adopts boosting principle, using electric shock to kill a mouse, it is non-toxic, safe and harmless.
2). The design of the cage structure makes it easy to clean.
3). With safety switch, it can avoid hurting people with electric shock by mistake.
4). Adopt high tech microelectronic circuits to achieve power saving and reliability.

2. The scope of application:
It is suitable for kitchen, restaurant, bedroom, office, hotel and other places where the mouse may often haunt.

3. Usage method
1). Put a little peanut oil or other foods that mouse like to eat on the bottom of the metal plate.
2). Properly install four batteries into the battery compartment.
3). Identify the location according to the activity of the mouse - looking for the footprints and tracks left by the mouse, (the mouse likes to walk against the wall). Put this device against the wall and right in the same line with the mouse's footprint.

4. Notes:
1). When the mouse enters the rat cage, the high voltage of the machine will be generated immediately. At this time, the high voltage can no longer be triggered until the power is turned off again.
2). Each time after an electric shock, take off the high voltage box; clean it, dry it, and then it can be used again. (Wash the odor left by a mouse with detergent; otherwise, mice will not come in again.)
3). When the mouse touches the device, it produces a high voltage. Please do not touch the hardware during this period in case of electric shock.
4). If you have not used it for a long time, please turn off the voltage switch and remove the battery, so as to avoid the leakage that will damage the device.

5. Warning:
1). Improper use of indoor mouse killer may cause electric shock or serious injury, to avoid the contact with children or family pets!
2). Prohibit the use around combustible materials.
3). Do not use this device in the damp environment.

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