How to Use Battery Operated Mouse Trap

First, tips:

The trapping wire must be tightened, which is better to use the mouse to press the wire without touching the ground. Otherwise, the mouse presses the wire to contact the ground to leak electrical energy. The mouse emits a whine and has a rat-avoiding effect within a few hours. The battery operated mouse trap is also called "electric cat" , which is a micro-current high-pressure mouse device. It is suitable for garden, melon and fruit, three-bird farm, field facilities, various warehouses and families. This product has quick effect and kills. The range is large, the repeller effect is long-lasting, and it is convenient to deal with dead gophers. Compared with cats, gopher poisons, gopher clips, squirrel cages, and sticky mouse glue, it has its unique superiority. With sound/light alarm and line display function, the effective killing distance is up to half a kilometer. It is an efficient and wide range of mouse trap control tools.

Second, notes:
The connection between the battery operated mouse trap and the high-voltage power grid should be selected as the wire with good insulation performance. The connection between the high voltage power grid and the rodent control device should be connected first, and then the power supply should be connected. The mouse trap wire must be straightened to the mouse pressure. It is good that the line does not touch the ground. Otherwise, the electric energy leaks, and the mouse emits a whining sound, which affects the mouse trap control effect. During the operated mouse trap control, poultry and small animals on the scene are far away from the mouse trap control area, and there is danger to life by electric shock for 20 seconds. The mouse trap wire needs to be safe to pass through the sidewalk. Take care of the children to avoid the risk of electric shock. Do not change or dismantle the internal circuit and current limiting device of the machine to avoid personal injury or death. The indoor mouse trap does not have to move a large amount of cargo wiring, as long as the drinking water channel is intercepted for 3-5 days, the mouse can be destroyed. The dry ground must be watered along the ground of the mouse trap line and must be powered off when watering. Continuous ringing, that is, catching the mouse, do not shut down immediately, the mouse will die after 20 seconds.

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