How to Prevent the Snake

Snakes live in shady, humid, overgrown environment with weeds, luxuriant trees, holes of dead trees or heaps of rocks, firewood stacks and grass, and some live in the water. They also like to sunbathe in the sun, usually around 10-12 am. When sunbathing, they usually lie on the grass on the ground or wrap around the tree trunk, and some of them are exposed outside the opening of the cave or the stone pile.

How to prevent snakes?

(1) Do a good job in environmental sanitation, remove weeds around, block caves, making snakes have no hiding place;
(2) Sprinkle realgar powder, sulfur powder or snake repellent powder or use ultrasonic solar powered snake repeller;
(3) Snakes often appear in the grass, stone joints, dead trees or other dark and humid places. Before the thunderstorm or after the flood in summer, snakes and insects come out of the hole one after another. At this time, you should be very careful;
(4) We should master the life habits of vipers, for example, early and late is the peak period of viper in summer and autumn, , so we should pay attention to prevention;
(5) Wear high top shoes (leather boots) and long pants when going out, and try not to wear sandals; snakes like to climb trees, so wear a hat, fasten the collar, cuffs and pants when crossing the jungle. You can also apply essential oil or essential balm to the cuffs, ankles and neckline at the same time;
(6) When walking in the wild forest, use the stick to beat the grass in front continuously, which can startle the snake hidden in it;
(7) If you encounter a viper accidentally, keep calm and quiet, don't move suddenly, and don't attack it. In particular, do not vibrate the ground, because snakes like to attack moving objects. It is better to wait for them to escape, or wait for others to rescue, or detour far away. If you are chased by snakes, you should run to the hillside, or turn left and right, and do not run straight or downhill.

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