Function and Characteristics of Solar Powered Mosquito Killer

Scientific research shows that carbon dioxide and humid climate in the air attract mosquitoes. In order to ensure the normal production and life, many people began to buy solar powered mosquito killer. Over time, there are many recognized and essential solar powered mosquito killer in daily appliances. What are the functions of the solar powered mosquito killer? And what are the characteristics?

The function of solar powered mosquito killer: fast killing mosquitos harmlessly and innocuously.

Real and effective solar-powered mosquito killer can produce a lot of water vapor, heat, carbon dioxide, flowing air and light without any chemical substances during normal work. These substances can attract mosquitoes to gather and achieve non-toxic, harmless, and rapid mosquito-killing effect.

The characteristics of mosquito killer: wide in use scope and good in quality.

1. Wide in use scope: Solar powered mosquito killer can trap and kills a wide range of mosquitoes, can act on a variety of mosquitoes and has a good effect of killing insects with high efficiency. It also has wide use scope, being suitable for indoors, grain, agricultural and forestry crops, vegetable greenhouses, fruit, forestry and so on. A mosquito killer can radiate a large area of field, which can solve many people's mosquito-killing problems and reduce the burden for farmers.

2. Good in quality: the quality of the solar powered mosquito killer is absolutely guaranteed. The normal service life of a solar powered mosquito killing lamp is long, and energy can be saved during the whole use process. The solar powered mosquito killer is a reliable, inexpensive and economical representative. In addition, its structure is reasonable and easy to use. The structure of solar powered mosquito killer is not only beautiful and appropriate but also has strong wind resistance. Moreover, because of its angle can be adjusted at any time, it is very convenient for use.

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