Electronic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Working Principle

The electronic ultrasonic pest repeller adopts modern microelectronic technology to simultaneously generate extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves, ultrasonic waves and infrared rays at intervals and acts on the auditory system and nervous system of pests such as mice to make it uncomfortable and unpleasant, thus flee the scene. Even if pests such as mice can't escape, they will be listless, lose their appetite, lose their ability to reproduce and invade.

Electronic ultrasonic pest repeller features:

1. Multi-function: It can generate extremely low-frequency induction field, ultrasonic and infrared, and the world's similar products only have ultrasonic waves and added electromagnetic waves at most. Therefore, this product is currently the most comprehensive electronic insect repeller in the world.
2. Frequency conversion: The frequency of the three kinds of electric waves generated by this product is constantly changing intermittently so that pests such as rats will not generate "adaptability" and "immunity" to a fixed frequency. The ultra-low-frequency electric field frequency conversion technology of this product fills a gap in the world.
3, high power: This product maximizes the output power of three kinds of electromagnetic waves. The effect is more obvious than other similar products.
Therefore, this product is in a leading position both at home and abroad.

Use and scope of electronic ultrasonic pest repeller:

1. This product is mainly used to drive out mice, and also has a certain inhibitory effect on cockroaches, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, silkworm moths, etc.
2. This product can be widely used in homes, warehouses, shops, hotels, hospitals, offices, computer rooms, hotels, grain stores, etc.
3. The effective range of this product is about 100 square meters. Generally, one is enough for home installation. If you install two, the effect will surely be better.
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