Electronic Rat Mouse Killer

The electronic rat mouse killer is a rodent-killing device that uses high pressure to immediately kill the contacted rodents. Its input is 220 volts, 50 Hz, and the output is high voltage after conversion. This device has high efficiency, is not limited by conditions, and it has the advantage of not making rodents generate resistance and not harming the natural enemies of rodent. However, attention should be paid to safe use to avoid accidental injury and illegal operation. The general electronic rat mouse killer consists of two major parts: the main engine and the high voltage power grid, the functions of high-voltage conversion and rodent-killing alarms and interception of rodents are respectively completed by them. The use of the electronic rat mouse killer is more effective in places where rodent quantity is more.

In addition to rat mouse killing, the use of electronic rodent killers can also drive away pests such as cockroaches, ants, cockroaches, spiders, etc., the effect is especially the best in rat mouse killing. This product uses its fully built-in oscillator which is modulated by a microcomputer to generate multiple-scan variable-frequency pulsed electromagnetic waves and composite variable-frequency ultrasonic waves. They work simultaneously, and the variable-frequency pulsed electromagnetic waves are emitted through the power lines in your home wall or building, penetrating the wall, to spread along the power line inside the room, letting all the wires communicating in the wall or in the building emit pulsed electromagnetic waves, and together with the composite frequency ultrasonic wave directly stimulate the nervous system of rodents and other pests, making the mouse and other pests feel extreme panic, generate physiological dysfunction, reducing its reproductive capacity, making it feels unable to survive and flee the scene.
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