Electric Insect Zapper Pest Control Rate is 90%

Every night, the ground of the vegetable base will always be illuminated with some "electric light", which is not used for lighting, but is a new electronic insecticidal green control technology. If two intelligent electric insect zappers are installed in vegetable plots, orchards, fish ponds and farms, the pests within 1 square kilometer will be trapped and the pest control rate will be over 90%.

The electric insect zappers is a special tool for trapping pests and can be divided into intelligent black light, solar insect killing lamp, intelligent insecticidal lamp and the like. Taking the intelligent black light as an example, the wavelength of the light emitted by the black light is 3,800 angstroms. Most pests such as moths, mites, mosquitoes, etc. are extremely sensitive to light waves with wavelengths from 3,000 angstroms to 4,000 angstroms, and have strong phototaxis. The black light is making use of this principle to trap pests.

The intelligent electric insect zappers can automatically turn on the lights at night, eliminating more than 60 kinds of pests, it can reduce or avoid pesticides spraying, thereby improving the safety of agricultural products.
Currently electronic insecticidal technology has been widely promoted in vegetable bases and farms.
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