Characteristics of Waterproof Vole Repeller

Waterproof vole repeller has the following notable characteristics:
1. Waterproof design.
2. Various frequency regulation on the top.
3. Smart chip: microcomputer CPU chip, stable performance, low power consumption, and long term use.
4. Acousto-optic combination: acousto-optic combination with strong repelling effect. With built-in dual speaker stereo, volume 88DB, intermittent flashing of six LED lights, mice cannot adapt the environment and the purpose of deterrence can be achieved.
5. Engine detection: intelligent detection, engine startup. The line is designed for the engine, and it will automatically turn off when the engine is detected. Conversely, when the engine is detected, it will automatically work.
6. Three-wave frequency conversion: intelligent frequency conversion of three waves (electromagnetic wave, bionic wave and ultrasonic wave) to drive rats, and three bands of bionic wave of electromagnetic wave are developed with intermittent change rate. Thus, pests such as mice will escape from the scene because they fail to develop their "adaptability" and "immunity" to a changeable frequency.
7. Low Voltage: automatic identification of 9v~24v batteries, low power consumption, effective protection of batteries, and the use of various vehicles or indoor. (power supply mode: DC9v/24v can be supplied through USE).
8. Regional scope: safe and comfortable in a wide range, the effective use area can reach 150 square meter. In addition, it also has a certain inhibitory effect on cockroaches, spiders, locusts, bedbugs, fleas, silkworm moths and so on.
9. Flame-retardant material: the high-quality ABS flame-retardant material has solid material, is waterproof, and can work in both high temperature and low temperature environment. The insulation material is not conductive, and the power is only 3 W, which is energy-saving, quiet, safe and environmental protection with non-radiation, anti-fall durable.
10. Non-radiation: using three modes of intelligent micro-computer, we design and develop mouse-sensitive frequencies, which are far below the range of human hearing. Users don't need to worry about the influence of high-frequency sound on human body, let alone the influence of your quiet and comfortable life.

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