Characteristics of Waterproof Rat Repeller

Generally speaking, it is better to kill rats than to drive them away. In fact, it is not. On the Internet, an American company has published a "contrary conclusion" that experts have come up with: there is a certain "supply" in a certain space. If you kill a rat, a new rat will be born, or a new rat will invade. If we use ultrasound to deteriorate the living environment of mice and reduce the "feeding capacity", there will be no new mice invasion, so "killing mice" is better than "driving mice".

Waterproof rat repeller is a kind of tool that can produce a certain frequency of ultrasound to repel rats. Animals like rats and bats communicate with each other by ultrasound. The auditory system of rodents is very developed and sensitive to ultrasound. They can judge the source of sound in the dark. Ultrasound produced by waterproof rat repeller can effectively stimulate and cause rodents to feel threatened and uneasy.

This technology comes from advanced pest control concepts in Europe and America. The purpose of use is to create a "rodent-free, pest-free high-quality space", create an environment where pests and mice can not survive, force them to migrate automatically, unable to reproduce and grow within the control area, and achieve the goal of eradicating rats and pests. Waterproof rodent repellent is designed to avoid the frequency of harm to human body and reduce radiation power, so it is harmless to human body and household appliances.
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