Cautions for Waterproof Mole Repeller

In the use of waterproof mole repeller, please read the following carefully:

Please recognize the power supply system. There are two types of waterproof mole repeller power supply: AC (110v, 50-60HZ; 220V, 50-60HZ).

In order to facilitate users, it is suggested that users should pay attention to the following issues when using waterproof mole repeller:

1. Because the frequency conversion pulse electromagnetic wave is emitted along the outlet power line to the surrounding area, it is suggested that there should be a long power line in the user's room to ensure the use effect.

2. Because the ultrasonic wave propagates in a straight line, it will reflect when it touches an object, because the reflection can make the ultrasonic wave fill the whole room. But if there are materials in the room that can absorb ultrasound easily, such as carpets, sofas and curtains, the performance of ultrasound will be reduced. Ultrasound can't pass through walls and doors and windows. If there are many rooms, there are high barriers between rooms or a single area, it is suggested to install another rodent repellent (insect repellent) device to ensure the use effect.

3. In order to ensure the repellent effect, the ultrasonic emitter should be as far as possible toward the wider indoor area, and avoid obstruction within a meter ahead. Special circumstances can be used high hanging.

4. Please try not to let the doors and windows of the protected area open, so as to avoid pests wandering around without being sufficiently affected, so as to ensure the use effect.
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