Brief Introduction of Waterproof Snake Repeller

1. Principle of waterproof snake repeller

1). Charging and discharging by solar energy;
2). According to scientific research, animals are very sensitive to vibration and can feel tiny vibration. Therefore, this product is based on the principle of transmitting vibration wave, making it unbearable and escaping from the scene.

2. Scope of use of waterproof snake repeller

This product is suitable for open areas such as grasslands, parks and so on. Its effective range is about 300 square meters, the closer the effect is, the better. It is suggested that if the garden is larger, 2-3 products will be better.

3. Product description of waterproof snake repeller

1). Built-in special devices, through the land to transmit sound and vibration waves, make snakes and mice feel uncomfortable, thus away from the scene, to achieve the purpose of driving away;
2). Solar panels are used to provide electric energy, and high-quality environmental-friendly rechargeable batteries are built in to store sufficient electric energy.
3). This product is easy to install and has no radiation or damage to human body. It can be used safely.

4. Notices for waterproof snake repeller:

1). For the first time, please sun the solar cells for two days in the sun, then connect the connecting wires and install the products. The effect will be better.
2). This product is rain-proof. Please do not exceed the safety line when installing. If the rainwater height exceeds the safety line, please take this product until the rainwater recedes.
3). Installation method: After the two wires are connected, the system works automatically and has no switch! This product produces noise and vibration every minute.
4). Charging method: solar energy charging, directly plugged in the sunny place to charge.
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