Brief Introduction of Vibrating Redent Repeller

Vibratory redent repeller

Vibratory redent repeller is mainly composed of small motor, rotating seat, movable impact block and control circuit board. After the control circuit starts the small motor, two impact blocks on the rotating seat throw out and strike the outer convex block to make sound and vibration, so as to expel rodents.

Notices for vibratory redent repeller

Avoid sunshine: Long-term exposure to sunlight or strong light will reduce the life of electronic parts. Avoid rain, rain splashes on the product shell, which will make the panel, backplane aluminum have the rust, top and bottom cover paint rust; if it sprayed to the circuit board, it will shorten the service life of electronic parts for the light aspect, and it will make the circuit burnt for the heavily aspect.

Vibrating redent repeller is at least 30 cm away from the ground. Do not place the product directly on the ground, so as to avoid the corrosion of parts caused by air penetration inside the machine, which will affect the service life.

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