Brief Introduction of Solar Fox Repeller Products

Description of solar fox repeller:

1. Strong ultrasound signals frighten animals. In the unpleasant area of the animal's ultrasound, frighten the animal. When the animal enters the range, the sound is activated. As a result, animals are not accustomed to sound, and the repulsive force is stronger.

2. Strong flashes repel photophobic animals. When animals come into range, they are afraid. Button "SENS" (left): Adjust sensitivity and distance. By turning the knob clockwise, you increase the scope of protection, repel small animals, and turn the knob to the right.

The position of the button "Frequency":

- 1:13.5kHz-17.5kHz to expel animals such as mice,...
- 2:15.5kHz-19.5kHz to expel animals such as big dogs and foxes.
- 3:19.5kHz-23.5kHz to expel animals such as small dogs, cats, birds, etc.
- 4: Strong scintillation
- 5: All functions work, scan frequency from mode 1 - mode 2 - mode 3, then turn on strong scintillation

Technical data of solar fox repeller:

Power supply: solar panels and 3 x AA batteries
Effective distance of solar fox repeller: Maximum 8M (depending on weather and environment)
Detection angle of solar fox repeller: 110 degree level (viewing the weather around)
Waterproof grade: IPX4.
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