Battery Gopher Repeller Manufacturing Method

The battery gopher repeller can generate 18-30KHz sweeping ultrasonic waves, which can effectively expel mice and various pests, and is suitable for use in granaries, warehouses, kitchens, etc. at night.

Battery gopher repeller circuit works:

The battery gopher repeller circuit is composed of an astable multivibrator, an emitter follower converter, a voltage controlled oscillator (vco), a drive amplifying circuit, and a super loudness piezoelectric ceramic speaker bl.

The astable multivibrator is composed of a time base integrated circuit icl and a resistor rl-r3, a capacitor cl, and the like. The emitter follower converter consists of a transistor v and its biasing elements. The voltage controlled oscillator (vco) consists of a phase-locked loop integrated circuit lc2 and peripheral RC components. The drive amplifying circuit adopts a special amplifying module of twh68 (including a power amplifying circuit and a ferrite boosting transformer, etc.).

After the power is turned on, the astable multivibrator oscillates and outputs an llhz oscillating signal from pin 7 of ic1. After the signal is converted into a sawtooth wave by v, it is input from the 9th pin of ic2. After being controlled and processed by ic2, the frequency sweep signal of 18-3okhz is output from the 4th pin of ic2. After the signal is amplified and boosted by twh68, it drives the super loudness piezoelectric ceramic speaker ha, and emits an ultrasonic beam of more than 1 oodb to expel a certain range of mice and pests. The frequency of the voltage controlled oscillator (vco) can be changed by changing the resistance of the resistors r6, r7 and the capacitance of the capacitor c3.

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