Advantage of Ultrasonic Fox Repeller

Research in domestic and foreign laboratories has shown that ultrasonic sound waves are aggressive to the auditory nervous system of common and harmful animals because they are suffering from sound pressures of more than 100 decibels, and then only move away from their food, water and hiding places.
The fox repeller is developed using this principle, which uses electronic technology to simulate the unbearable sounds of various harmful animals in order to drive away these nasty animals. When expelling these harmful animals, it is neither killing nor environmentally friendly (it will not pollute the environment because of the death or decay of animal carcasses), and it is also healthy (it is not necessary to treat the animal body to make the virus upper body), Besides, its effect is long lasting and the cost is low.

The advantages of ultrasonic fox repeller:

Hygiene and environmental protection. There is no need to deal with pests and corpses, so there is no worry about virus contamination.
Do not interfere with home appliances. Ultrasonic waves will not interfere with any home appliances because it is not a radio wave.
Power saving and cost saving. The power consumption is extremely low.
The switchable frequency can be adjusted to variable frequency or fixed frequency. Does not harm humans and animals: the audio is different from the radio frequency, as long as the ear is not heard, it will not be harmed, so there is no adverse effect on human and family settings such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc. and poultry and livestock.So there is no adverse effect on humans or livestock such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc.
Easy to operate. Just point the ultrasonic horn to the approaching animal and press the switch button continuously for 2-3 seconds.
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