9 Ways to Keep Spiders Away

When it's warm every year, it's the season for spiders to breed. They go to the house to find a warm place for breeding. When the weather is extremely warm, the spiders are several times larger than usual, which often made girls scared.

We have summed up 9 suggestions that can help you avoid the bother of spiders.

1. Clean up
Keep the surface clean at home, and regularly vacuume. If the house is not clean, or there are food residues such as bread crumbs, it will attract pests to enter and also attract spiders that eat pests. A clean environment will leave them nowhere to hide.

2. Turn off the light
Although spiders are not attracted by light, their prey likes to surround the light. Spiders lurk in the lighted area waiting for prey. Usually pay attention to turn off the outdoor lights, and often use curtains to block the indoor light.

3. Citrus tricks
Spiders obviously don't like the taste of citrus. Fruits like lemon, orange and lime can effectively prevent spiders from rooting at home. Cut a small piece of lemon and put it in a small bowl. Put it in the place where you think the spider is likely to lurk. It will effectively drive away the spider.

4. Seal the gap in the room
Notice if there are cracks, crevices or holes in the room, from which spiders may be able to enter, and try to block these places so that they cannot enter.

5. Buy plug-in spider repeller
You can buy some plug in spider repeller, which can make high-frequency sounds to spiders, making them uncomfortable. Once they hear it, they will leave the room soon.

6. Tobacco
Compared with lemon, spiders hate the smell of tobacco. You can put some tobacco where little spiders will appear.

7. Cat
If you have a cat at home, don't be afraid of spiders. Cats are a natural insect repellent for spiders. Cats like to play with these little spiders and eat them at last.

8. Move the plants out of the room
In the mild summer, spiders are happy to hide in the vegetation. But as the temperature drops, they will seek a warmer place to live, so try to move the plants out of the bedroom in autumn.

9. Peppermint sprays, tea or eucalyptus oil.
The smell of mint, tea and eucalyptus oil is even more unbearable to spiders. You can try putting a small bowl of tea oil on a spider's potential point, or spray some peppermint sprays on the windows and doors to prevent spiders from entering your home.

Aosion can provide you with plug in spider repeller, protecting your life!

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