Aosion Indoor Plug In Ultrasonic Electronic Mouse Repeller AN-A320

Aosion Indoor Plug In Ultrasonic Electronic Mouse Repeller AN-A320
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Electronic Mouse Repeller Feature:

1.This product uses the principle of ultrasonic wave to interfere mice,and can make frequency conversion ultrasonic wave ,Non-toxic ,Non-taste, out of the hearing range of humans and most household pets.

2.Only effective with mouse,no harmful to your home appliance, humans and pets

3.This product is compact, convenient, low power consumption, etc.

4.The performance is stable and rapidly efficient .

5.Can be widely used in family, restaurants, supermarket, farm, warehouse, kindergarten, office buildings, etc which is Unfavorable use medicine kill mouse

6. Electronic Mouse Repeller is suitable in Home and apartments, food service, Businesses, so on. Covers up to 500sp.Ft

7. Ultrasonic wave ,non-toxic ,Non-taste.

Electronic Mouse Repeller Method:

1. Plug unit into socket of 220V/110V AC wall outlet

2.when the button in the middle,that will stop working

3.When the button in the light(Variable), the red LED pilot lamp will light up indicating that emit the variable ultrasonic waves drive the pests away.

4.When the button in the right(Fixed), the green LED pilot lamp will light up indicating that emit the fixed ultrasonic waves repel the pests .

5.You can turn to different button have different affect or better affect to the pests.

Electronic Mouse Repeller Attention:

1.The environment have long time nobody stay,please pull out the plug

2.That product is not waterproof,please do not used in damp environment.

3.Keep in mind the frequency waves will not travel through walls or furniture.Make sure to plug the unit into an outlet clear of surrounding object.

Electronic Mouse Repeller Package:





MEAS:45x40x38.5 CM

20FT' :16000 pcs

40FT' :32000pcs


Electronic Mouse Repeller Certification:


Electronic Mouse Repeller Photos:
Ultrasonic Mouse RepellerUltrasonic Mouse RepellerMouse RepellentMouse RepellentPest RepellentPest RepellentPest RepellerPest RepellerPest Repeller

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