Aosion Indoor Electronic Electromagnetic Rat Repeller AN-A620

Aosion Indoor Electronic Electromagnetic Rat Repeller AN-A620
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Electromagnetic Rat Repeller Feature:

1. It worked by electromagnetic wave ,transmitted along the wire then spread to the whole room  (including the ceiling, because the ceiling usually have cord)

2. There are three kinds of plug (GS, UL, BS)to choose from

3. This product not only can drive mouse away, but also have good function of repelling cockroaches, ants, fleas, spiders, centipede.

4. Equipped with a green lighting can be used at night ,also can attract mosquito

5. Effective range:230 square meter.

Extensive tests have demonstrated rat repeller is effective in eliminating:rat,mice,cockroaches

Our customers have also reported rats repeller is effective against:silverfish,ants,earwig,water bugs,centipedes.

Caution:Do not use rat repeller if you have one of the following pet rodent:hamster,gerbil,guinea pig,or any other pet rodent rat repeller does not wish to harm your pet rodent.

Electromagnetic Rat Repeller Note:

During the off cycle the red light will turn off.

Your rat problem will be remedied with 2-4 weeks.However,eradication of all rats may take over 4weekes depending upon the rats and its reproduction cycle.If your vermin problem is particularly serious.It may take a few more weeks.

In addition,to further enhance and secure the safety of rats repeller the unit has a built in electrical surge protector that will guard against over heating and power surges.

Electromagnetic Rat Repeller Package:

Model size(max.):11.1 x 7.1 x 7.0 CM

Box size:12X7.5X7.5CM


N.W.: 8 KGS

G.W.: 9 KGS


20FT' :  35400PCS

40FT' :  73380PCS

40HQ :  86040PCS

Electromagnetic Rat Repeller Certification:


Electromagnetic Rat Repeller Photos:
Electronic Rat RepellerRat RepellerPest RepellerRat RepellerPest Repeller

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