Aosion Home Single Speaker Frequency Conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller AN-A339

Aosion Home Single Speaker Frequency Conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller AN-A339
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Design Patent No.: ZL 201030270000.6

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Description:

1. Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller is effective in controlling mice,rats, bats,roaches,fleas, flies, crickets, silverfish, waterbugs,moths, ants and most other Common pests.

2. Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller automatically sweeps the ultrasonic range of 30kHz-50kHz, the adjustment knob allows the rate of this sweep to be varied to prevent pests from developing an immunity to a preselected single sweep rate.

3. It effectively protects an area measuring 2,000 to 2,500 square feet.

After plugging Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller in, you will notice a small red L.E.D indicates Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller is operating properly,  Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller ”S” unique test button on the back panel, when depressed, causes the unit to shift its output down into the audible range of humans for a reassuring cheek of its ultrasonic output. The shrill,siren-like sound produced simulates the sound pests hear continually.

4. Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller will not interfere with television, radios, electronic burglar alarms,fire or smoke detectors, pacemakers, hearing aids or other electronic equipment. Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller does not harm plants,either.

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller USAGE:

When you first install  Frequency Conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller turn the knob fully to the left or to the right. Each month or so, twist the knob just a bit in the opposite direction.

Depressing the test button before and after the adjustment lets you hear the slight difference in sweep rate. You will begin to notice the effects of Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller in a few days. There will be an absence of rodent activity.

Perhaps you will notice and increase in insect activity during this time due to the ultrasonic sound waves driving these pests from hiding. In a short while they'll be gone also.

While the pests are being driven away, they are undoubtedly leaving their eggs and leaves behind which are not affected by the ultrasonic sound waves.Incubation will continue and they will hatch usually.

At this point, however Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller “S” ultrasonic output will begin to attack these hatchling's auditory and nervous systems, driving this new generation away. In 4 to 6 weeks the infestation should be over and you'll be free of pests.

Leave Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller plugged in for year round, day and night pest control.It costs only about 1/2 a day to operate. No more dangerous chemicals to buy, no more messy traps to clean.

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller NOTICE:

Do not place Frequency Conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller on carpeted surface, behind furniture draperies or other soft objects as the will absorb the sound waves.

Do not place Frequency Conversion Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller nest to your ear before performing this check.

Do not use outdoors or let the unit come in contact with water.

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Package:

Model size(max.): 11.6X8X8.9CM

Box size: 12.5X12.5X8.5CM


N.W.: 12.3KGS

G.W.: 13.3 KGS

MEAS: 39.5X37X53.5CM

20FT': 18624PCS

40FT': 38640PCS

40HQ: 45312PCS

Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Certification:


Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Photos:

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