Aosion Indoor Electronic Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller AN-A322

Aosion Indoor Electronic Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller AN-A322
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Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller Feature:

1.This product adopts high-tech, can produce a very special electromagnetic waves,repel cockroaches. Electromagnetic waves transmitted along the wire then spread to the whole room  (including the ceiling of the mezzanine, because the ceiling will have a power cord in general) ,the sound waves will irritate them, simulate danger, and repel them away from the irradiated area.

2. Plug unit into socket of 220V&110V AC wall outlet.

3. Once power up,the red LED pilot lamp will light up and another intermittent flashing green light indicating that emit the electromagnetic waves drive the pests away.

4.Electromagnetic waves emitted by this product, not only can repel cockroach effectively, but also can chase ants, spiders, fleas,bugs and so on.

5. This product is cabinet and exquisite

6.This product performance is stable and rapidly efficient. you can see the best effect after  continuous use of 2-3 weeks (because the cockroach eggs change into adult needs about 3-4 weeks ).

7. This product is Suitable for home and apartments,food service,businesses,farms and so on. It's efficient for Unattached space of 30 square meter

8. Electromagnetic cockroaches expeller is hurtles to home electrical appliance, human and pets. No chemical, no pollution.

9. Compact and convenient, low power consumption, etc.

Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller Attention:

The environment have long time nobody stay,please pull out the plug

That product is not waterproof,please do not used in damp environment.

Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller Package:

BLISTER CARD SIZE:20.3x18.5x6.7cm

(IMENSION): 47X40X38.5CM


N.W(kgs): 5 KGS

G.W(kgs): 6 KGS


20FT' : 16080PCS

40FT' : 32160PCS

40HQ: 37632PCS

Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller Certificate:


Electromagnetic Cockroach Repeller Photos:
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