Aosion Plug In Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller With Night light AN-A338

Aosion Plug In Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller With Night light AN-A338
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Electronic Pest Repeller Feature:

1. The Electronic Pest Repeller can be used indoors only in homes, restaurants, hotels, offices etc.

2. The effective range of the device, under ideal conditions can reach to 60 square meters.

3. Once you plug the device to the wall outlet(110-240 V), the LED indicator will lit and the speakers will produce ultrasonic waves which are automatically sweeping between 25 and 46 KHz to repel mouse,mosquito,dust mite,cockroach and other similar common pests,it's harmless to home electrical appliances,human and pets.

4. To also use it as a night light, just set the side switch to the “l” position. The switch only controls the night light and does not stop ultrasound waves.

5. Perhaps you will notice and increase in insect activity during this time due to the ultrasonic sound waves driving these pests from hiding. In a short while they'll be gone also.

6. While the pests are being driven away, they are leaving their eggs behind which are not affected by the ultrasonic sound waves. Eventually ultrasonic output will begin to attack these hatching's auditory and nervous systems, driving this new generation away. In 4 to 6 weeks the infestation should be over and you'll be free of pests. Leave the unit plugged in for year round, day and night.

7.No more dangerous chemicals to buy, no more messy traps to clean.

Electronic Pest Repeller Notice:

1. Regularly to remove surface dirt and dusts for more than 30 days.

2.The Electronic Pest Repeller should be placed in a well-ventilated place with appropriate temperature to prevent

from any direct sunshine or humidity.

3. During long periods away from home, disconnect the main power.

Electronic Pest Repeller Package:

Box size: 8x7.4x8.5CM


NW: 11.5 KGS

GW: 12.5 KGS

CTN SIZE: 50.5X39X37.5CM

20FT' : 49800

40FT' : 99600

40HQ : 120000

Electronic Pest Repeller Certification:


Electronic Pest Repeller Photos:
Electronic Pest RepellerElectronic Pest RepellerPest RepellerMultifunctional Pest RepellerMultifunctional Pest RepellerMultifunctional Pest RepellerUltrasonic Pest RepellerUltrasonic Pest RepellerIndoor Pest Repeller

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