Aosion Home Using Plug In Ultrasonic Fly Repeller AN-A323

Aosion Home Using Plug In Ultrasonic Fly Repeller AN-A323
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Ultrasonic Fly Repeller Feature:

1. Adopt digital electronic techniques, by physical to repeller the flies. This product through special frequency ultrasound, in a certain spatial scale make a ultrasound environment can stimulate the nervous system of flies and influence its behavior, feel discomfort and got away.

2.Ultrasonic fly repeller insert into the 220 V power outlet.

The green light shows that power supply is working;

Red light, indicating that the system is working;

Ultrasonic emissions in 60 seconds after start, the red light will blink, flicker frequency with the same frequency of the ultrasonic wave.

Ultrasonic Fly Repeller Notice:

The product does not waterproof, avoid outdoor use, to avoid humidity environmental using this product as far as possible on the well-ventilated place, avoid high-temperature environments.

Do not dismantle the product by yourself,avoid collision.

The product should be placed at 1M away from human body.

This product is widely used in home, offices, warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and other places, the effective area could reach 60 square meters. The products have been continuous use (more than 2 weeks) will be effectiveness.

Ultrasonic Fly Repeller Package:

BLISTER CARD SIZE:20.3x18.5x6.7cm



N.W(kgs): 5 KGS

G.W(kgs): 6 KGS


20FT' : 16080PCS

40FT' : 32160PCS

40HQ: 37632PCS

Ultrasonic Fly Repeller Certification:


Ultrasonic Fly Repeller Photos:
Ultrasonic Fly RepellerFly RepellerUltrasonic Fly RepellerUltrasonic Housefly RepellerHousefly Repeller

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