Brief Introduction of Solar Powered Snake Repeller Products

The working principle of solar powered snake repeller: Every 25 seconds (about) the solar powered snake repeller produces a kind of ultrasonic and quartz vibration with a frequency of 400 Hz + 50 Hz. Outdoor tests show that the optimum effective range of this special vibration can reach 700 m2, depending on the conditions of the land. Because snakes can't stand this quartz vibration and ultrasound, they migrate to other places in a few days. Other beneficial animals are not harmed. Even in poor light conditions, precise tunable electronic components and high-performance solar modules ensure consistent functionality. Drive snakes away by vibration without chemical pollution and land pollution!

Attention should be paid to installation of solar powered snake repeller:
1. For the first time, please sun the solar cells for two days in the sun, then connect the connecting wires to install the products, the effect will be better.
2. This product is rain-proof. Please do not exceed the safety line when installing.
3. Insert the grounding rod, pay attention not to overexert, lest the equipment be damaged.
4. The bottom of the top should be exposed to the outside to ensure that water does not enter the standard line according to the topographic changes.     
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