Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller

Characteristics of Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller

Aosion's ultrasonic mouse repeller uses the latest advanced technology and materials such as ultrasound and piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, and generates periodic and continuous frequency shock ultrasound through advanced electronic circuits. The ultrasonic mouse repeller forces the rat to escape from the scene by attacking the rat's auditory and nervous system, which will not make the mouse adaptable and is harmless to human body. It has been a long time since the application of ultrasonic technology to repel mice.

However, a defect that mice may gradually get used to the fixed ultrasound will cause the device to fail to repel mice. We have studied the ecology and habits of mice deeply, developed and designed the Multiplex Modulated Sweeping Ultrasonic Sonds, which directly and intensively stimulated and attacked the perceptual nerve and central nervous system of mice, making it very painful, fearful and uncomfortable. Lacking of appetite, having general spasm, reduced reproductive capacity, and being unable to survive in this environment, mice will eventually escape from the ultrasonic radiation area. Ultrasonic mouse repeller is a device that can produce 20 kHz-55 kHz ultrasound by using professional electronic technology and with many years of scientific research on mice. The ultrasonic produced by the device can effectively stimulate the mice within 50 meters and can cause them to feel threatened and uncomfortable. This technology comes from the advanced concept of pest control in Europe and America. The purpose of using this technology is to create a "rodent-free, pest-free and high-quality space", create an environment where pests and mice cannot survive, force them to migrate automatically, make them be unable to reproduce and grow in the control area, to achieve the goal of eradicating rats and pests.