Ultrasonic Insect Repeller

The characteristics of ultrasonic insect repeller:

1.Multifunctional ultrasonic pest repeller uses advanced biological ultrasonic technology, it is quiet with high efficiency.
2.It is power reduction design for saving electricity.
3.Protect your house from pests in the case of avoiding using dangerous chemicals.
4.It is suitable for mice, ants, cockroaches, spiders, bugs and fleas.
5.Pests control ultrasound to keep away from human’s hearing range, it will not do harm to human and prts.
6.Insert electric pest control ultrasonic mover and let it do other jobs.

The highlights of ultrasonic insect repeller:

1.Negative-ion generator
2.Supersonic vibration
3.Electromagnetic pulse
4.Soft and blue night lights
Use ultrasound, electromagnetic and anionic technology for your pests without poison and danger.
It can drive rodent, cockroaches, flies and mosquito.
Sound and pulse is still not be found by adults, children and pets.
With no need for any filler-it just needs to insert with long-term protection.
It can be used at home, outdoor house, coffee shops and kitchens.
5.Aosion multifunctional pest repeller prevents common pests by using ultrasonic frequency and electromagnetic pulse. These frequency and pulse can’t be tested by human while it is stronger for small rodent and insects.