Ultrasonic Cockroach Repellent

The Principle of Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller:

With the continuous development of science and technology, cockroach-killing equipment has also been integrated into high technology.  Human beings have been fighting with cockroaches for thousands of years, but still cannot eliminate them. In twenty-first Century, the cockroach was ushered in a new weapon, the Aosion Ultrasonic Cockroach Repeller.

Following is the introduction of the principle of cockroach repeller:

Cockroaches, mice, bats and this kind of animals all communicate with ultrasound. Cockroaches have a well-developed auditory system and are very sensitive to ultrasound. They can judge the source of sound in the dark. The cockroach repeller uses a powerful high-power ultrasound pulse. By the fully built-in oscillator, under the control of the micro-computer, cockroach repeller generates multiple scanning frequency conversion pulse electromagnetic wave and compound frequency conversion ultrasonic wave. They work at the same time. Frequency conversion pulse electromagnetic wave is emitted through the power line in walls or buildings, penetrates the wall, propagates along the indoor power line, and let all wires in walls or buildings emit pulse electromagnetic waves. They together directly stimulate the nervous system of rats and other pests, causing cockroaches and other pests to feel extreme panic, physiological disorders, reproductive capacity decline, making them intolerable, showing symptoms such as loss of appetite, even convulsions, so that they can feel unable to survive and flee the scene.