Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

It is well known that cats are very mobile. They climb over walls, climb trees and drill holes for climbing houses. There are no obstacles to stop them. Cats have a strong sense of territory and self-protection. Their nature makes them willing to "go to the toilet" in a safe place. They also have a good sense of smell and memory, so they excrete regularly in the same "selected" place day after day.

Purchasing Aosion's ultrasonic electronic cat repeller is a popular physical cat repeller in recent years. It consists of sensors, ultrasonic generators and brackets. It is inserted into the garden and turn on the switch. If something runs past the sensor, the ultrasonic generator will emit something that humans can't hear, but cats. Ultrasound can be heard and intolerable by both mice and cats, and they can be expelled. For large grasslands, the cat repellers need to be bought more than one. Smaller grasslands can put two cat repellers in two diagonals. They can be used for a long time and both cats and rats can be driven away.

Drive away the cat, and get rid of trouble!