Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

Outdoor ultrasonic bird repeller is a kind of bird repellent products that is designed for electric power department, it is using solar panel and accumulator to supply power, especially for the fields poles and transformer substation that is not convenient to be offered power, high voltage tower can prevent intrusion from birds with one.

1.The principle of bird repellent product
Outdoor ultrasonic bird repeller is a kind of ultrasonic generation system with low power consumption that made by using single chip microcomputer design. Ultrasonic wave from it will excite birds’ nervous system and break their life environment so that keep them away from covered area. Birds can not adapt because bird repeller is using constantly changing ultrasonic frequency so that it keeps the durability of bird repeller. Its characteristics are: low voltage, ultra-low power consumption, stable performance, long service life and small maintenance.

2.The main function of bird repeller
(1)After being installed, turn on the power supply, it will go off 6KHz ultra-low ultrasonic wave for 10 seconds when indicator light is on, at the same time, indicator light will glint every one second, it will enter working state after one minute.
(2)The ultrasonic frequency of bird repeller is 12KHz-25KHz.