Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Insect Repeller

When first installing the ultrasonic and electromagnetic insect repeller, please place the product away from the entrance and exit so as to let the pests such as rats have a way to escape. After confirming that the pests have escaped, place it in front of the entrance and exit, and let the horn face the entrance and exit, so as to make sure that pests do not run in again. If the effect is not good enough, please reconsider the location for placing bugs repeller, to make it easy for the pest to escape but not easy to run in again. In order not to allow the pest to adapt to the ultrasonic sound after a long time, this product will automatically have frequency conversion at any time. After about a week, the effect of the product will gradually appear. You will probably see that the small animals in your home seem to increase. This is a normal phenomenon, which means that they are gradually moving away from your home because they cannot stand the interference of ultrasound. Because rats and other mammals have habitation, they may not immediately move away from the interference of ultrasound, but temporarily run to hide where they cannot hear the noise of ultrasound, and then run out to look for food when they are hungry. Therefore, the way to eradicate pests is to open the product for a long time, and to prevent it from fleeing to other rooms for temporary hiding. The product also need to be installed in other rooms or the doors, which can be closed at ordinary times. In about 4 to 6 weeks, all mammals such as mice will be forced to move out. Pests, such as rats, may leave eggs and larvae after being driven away. Over time, the larvae were disturbed by ultrasound and their auditory nervous system will be starved to death for being unable to find food. New larvae emerged from their shells and were gradually eroded by ultrasound, and finally they will die. After the inside pests are dead, the outside pests will wait for opportunities to come in. Do not easily pull out the power supply of this product, so as to avoid the pests coming in again.