Sonic And Vibrating Rodent Repeller

Characteristics of Sonic Rodent Repellent:
1. Sonic rodent repeller uses special IC circuit oscillation and high decibel converter, which has long life, low power consumption, and is suitable for long-term use.
2. Rats are most afraid of Sweeping Modulation composite ultrasound.
3. The sonic rodent repellent does not contain any chemical raw materials or dangerous devices. Sonic rodent repeller only interfere with the nervous system of voles and there is no harmful effects on human body and pets. They are safe and reliable without pollution, or side effects.
4. The installation is easy and the operation is simple. It needs no maintenance.
5. The rodent-repelling effect of three-dimensional space can reach any direction of vertical and horizontal plane, which is totally different from that of ordinary rodent-catching and other fixed-point rodent-repelling.
6. Ultrasound 20-65KHZ uses by the sonic rodent repeller is not within the auditory range of human and poultry, nor does it interfere with household appliances.
7. The angle of the transmitter can be changed.